Members’ Completed Aircraft

Ryan PT22

Rick Fields fires up his
Ryan PT-22.


Mike McMains’ mighty RV-7, “Mighty Mouse”.


Paul Tipton’s amazing Rotax 912 powered Zenith 701.

brads chief

Brad Moffet’s fine Aeronca Chief is for sale.


Kenny Grisham says his Smith Miniplane is fun to fly and somewhat challenging to land.

dale rv6

Dale Breedlove frequently puts his well-built  RV-6 to good use.


Trish Fields’ beautiful Ercoupe.


Betty Lou and Irv Guyer are the proud owners of this beautiful RV-7.




Paul Milton owns this classic 1959 straight-tail Cessna 150. Its no “hangar queen”. Paul flies it regularly.


MORE Completed Projects Page  

J.J. Tomlinson Baby Ace 1960
Bob Brashear Aeronca Chief May 1961
Mike Frey Starduster Sept. 1963
George Helm AC 85 Champ Aug. 1964
Jake Parrish Mong Sport Mar. 1965
Harold Bulmahn Sky Coupe Nov. 1966
Bob Tanner Gyro Copter July  1967
Homer Ricks Pietenpol Nov. 1967
Nick Pocock Tipsy Nipper Aug. 1968
Bob Brashear Taylorcraft Aug. 1968
W.D. Brown 7AC Champ Oct. 1968
Bob & Catherine Brashear Cessna 140 Feb. 1969
Nick Pocock 1955 Dehaviland Chipmunk May 1971
Nick Pocock 1939 Stampe SV4C Jun. 1971
D.P. James Jodel Jun. 1971
Bob Tanner Volksplane Aug. 1971
Chuck & Eula Heath  1939 Rearwin Sportster Jan. 1972
Harold Bulmahn Volksplane Oct. 1973
Homer Ricks Volksplane Oct. 1974
Joe & Barbara Stone Bellanca Nov. 1974
Bob Tanner Cassutte Mar. 1975
W.D. Brown  Cassutte May 1975
Bob & Catherine Brashear Cessna 140 July 1975
Chuck & Eula Heath BD4 Sep. 1975
Sammie Mayhew Cassutte Sept. 1976
Nick Pocock 1939 Fairchild 2439  Sept. 1979
John Williams RV3 Dec. 1979
Bob & Catherine Brashear Tailwind May  1980
Jake Parrish Cassutte May 1980
Bill Tanner Tailwind Aug. 1980
 Bob Tanner Tailwind Mar. 1981
Bill Gayle Cessna 140 Apr. 1983
Bob Brashear & Noah McCullough RV4 Jul   1984
Chuck & Eula Heath  Koala  Oct. 1984
Bill Osborne Champ Nov. 1984
Bruce Sanders Cassutte May 1985
Hal Harle RV3 Jun 1985
Bill & James McCarley RV4 Jul 1985
David McClellan Fisher FP303 Feb 1986
Herb Baker RV4 Aug. 1986
Paul McReynolds RV4 Nov. 1986
Hal Harle Tailwind Jun 1987
Chuck & Eula Heath J-3 Cub Oct. 1987
Hubert McGallian Ercoupe Nov 1987
Bill White Tailwind Jul 1988
Marvin Morrison RV6 Aug. 1989
Ron & Bettye Shoup J-4 Cub Aug 1989
Noah McCullough & Bob Brashear Taylorcraft Oct 1989
Chuck & Eula Heath Piper Pacer Nov 1989
Jim Warren  RV4 Nov 1989
Bob Brashear RV6 May 1990
Jerry Ferrel Temple Mono Plane Jun 1990
Hal Harle RV6 Nov 1990
Ron & Bettye Shoup RV6A Apr 1992
Paul Fugate P-40D Replica Dec 1992
W.D. Brown FP404 Mar 1993
Walter Edling RV4 Aug 1993
Marvin Morrison PT-2B Oct 1993
Gordon Winfield RV4 Feb 1994
Bill Phillips Aeronca Champ Feb 1994
Mike McMains Aeronca Champ Feb 1994
John Foy RV6A May 1994
Jim Hail RV6A Jun 1994
George Whitaker RV4 Feb 1995
Rodney Oliver Kitfox Mar 1995
Rick Bradley RV4 Jul 1995
Mike Anderson RV6 Aug 1995
 John Kostecka Stinson 108 Aug 1995
Jim Teele RV6 Aug 1996
D.P. James Pober Pixy Oct 1996
Marvin Morrison RV6A Jun 1996
Mike McMains RV4 Mar 1997
Michael & Irvin Guyer RV6 Oct 1999
Bill Boyde Stolp V-Star Jan 1999
Johnny Holick RV4  2001
John Foy RV8  March 2001
James Rekieta Glastar  2001
Bill & Ann Golding RV-6  Sept. 2002 
Jim Warren Rose Parakette 2005
Mike McMains Van's RV-7 2006


That's right folks, This list is real and not even complete. There are currently over 80 airplanes that have either been built or totally restored by members of EAA Chapter 59.

Each of these members and their projects are commemorated on a plaque that hangs in the Chapter 59 Headquarters.